Fall 2020 Clarkson Dining Reopening Plan

September 02, 2020

Welcome Students,

We look forward to having you back on campus! As some of you may have already heard we are moving to online ordering for meals this semester. Below is information on dining locations, ordering process, and changes to Knight Card.

Dining Locations & Options:
  • RoBro Dining Hall, The Servery, Marketplace Deli and Grab and Go will all be ordered via the Dishout ordering platform and will accept meal swipe, DB or credit card as payment. (please note- choose meal exchange menus when using meal swipes in all locations)
  • RoBro Dining Hall will also feature 4 stations – The Grill, Pizza, Simple Servings (a station free of the top 8 allergies) and Rustic Roots (a vegetarian/vegan station). Hot breakfast and continental breakfast also served.
  • Subway will remain as walk up and order locations practicing social distancing. Subway will accept meal swipe, DB, Knight Card, cash or credit card as payment.
  • Starbucks will not be operational at the beginning of the semester as campus manages density and traffic patterns within the ERC.
  • The Servery will feature 4 stations – The Grill, Taqueria, Pasta and Global Grill which will feature daily specials. The Servery will have a new wall of lockers where students will pick up their meals.
  • Grab and Go (food lab ordering platform) will need to be ordered 24hrs in advance for pickup available the following day. Grab and Go will be available for pickup at 2 locations – Concrete Café in the Science Center and Marketplace (breakfast location/grab-n-go location) in the Student Center.
Ordering Process
  • Access to online ordering begins at http://go.clarkson.edu/dining.
  • Sign-in using your Clarkson account to view a list of locations and menus.
  • Choose meal exchange menu (for meal swipe payment) or regular menu for credit card purchases.
  • You may then place your order and select a pickup location.
  • After placing your order, you will be given a wait time and receive a text message (servery location only) when your order has been fulfilled and is ready to be picked up.
  • At RoBro please show up at pick up time you chose.
  • I heard you can order multiple meals at one time, is that true? Yes, on the DishOut ordering platform choose the meal exchange menu for RoBro and you can choose 2 items per station
  • Why are wait times so long in RoBro? RoBro is open 7 days a week from 7a-8p. Try to choose a time off peak for a better, faster experience (peak times 7:30a-8:30a, 11:30a-12:30p, 6p-7p)
  • Where can I purchase an entree salad or sandwich? Two places. Order off of the Food Lab station (salads and sandwiches), select a pickup time and location (concrete café or marketplace)
  • I see students walking around with Subway sandwich bags, is there a Subway on campus? Yes. Its located in Cheel Campus Center. It’s a walkup location open Mon-Fri 11a-8p where meal exchange is accepted as payment (also, cash, credit card, DB or Knight Card)
  • Where is late night dining? The Servery location in the Student Center offers late night dining from 8:30p-11p 7 nights a week
  • What if I have food allergies? We have an allergen station located at RoBro called Simple Servings void of the 8 common allergens, also a vegan/vegetarian station, Rustic Roots. For concerns about food allergies
  • contact Chef Kyle Mayette kyle.mayette@sodexo.com or Dining Services Director Bill Masullo bill.masullo@sodexo.com
Knight Card

Knight Card is accepted at Subway for 2020-2021. Knight Card can continue to be used at locations throughout the Potsdam community and at campus vending machines. If you are a student that typically utilized Knight Card funds in the past for purchases, we encourage you to add funds to your Declining Balance instead. If you would like to add funds to your Declining Balance, please email studentfinancials@clarkson.edu with your full name, student ID number, and the amount of money you would like to add. Please keep in mind when calculating an amount, that remaining Declining Balance funds roll over from fall to spring but do not from spring to fall.

Service Hours (revised) RoBro
  • Mon-Sun 7a-8p
  • Servery
  • Mon-Sun 11a-8p
  • Late Night 8:30p-11p
  • Marketplace - Mon-Fri
  • Breakfast 8a-10:30a
  • Deli 10a-2p
  • Grab-n-Go 8a-4p
  • Subway
  • Mon-Fri 11a-8p
  • Concrete Café
  • Mon-Fri 7:30a-1:30p
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to anyone on our Clarkson Dining team: Bill Masullo, GM – Bill.Masullo@sodexo.com
Kyle Mayette, Executive Chef – Kyle.Mayette@sodexo.com
Beth Gooder – Operations Manager – Beth.Gooder@sodexo.com
Courtney Ploof, Director of Catering and IT – Courtney.Ploof@sodexo.com